Sven and Yon are two erasers in an infinite plain of blankness. They mainly sit around and talk nonsence, wear funny clothes and hurt eachother.
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How did I birth the phenomena that is Sven and Yon?

Who are those crazy fudgers in the comic?

When Star Wars Episode III came out I had this Star Wars layout for the site up. I am not a geek... Yes I am.

Neato desktop wallpapers that no one will use!

Madeleine made these and wore them around at the TCAF.

These are the strips that were either written or done by other people.

-Sven Doesn't Have a Gender Complex written by Pat Leonard

-Sven and Yon Show Emo Sergio WHAT FOR! written by John Oliphant (P.S. the comic is broken)

-Sven and Yon Show the Special Olympics WHAT FOR! also written by John Oliphant

-Sven and Yon Play Dress Up by Madeleine Colleran

-ummm... shell-man by Shellman

-Sven and Yon Experience by Ed Stockham

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